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Migration to main page after changing the main page


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    GraphComment support team


    About managing the link between pages and comments, here is the sequence we follow to identify the page and link the comments to it:

    We look for the presence of one of these parameters filled in our universal JS TAG in this order of priority:

    guid = WordpPress permanent link URL // (only defined automatically by our plugin for WP)

    uid = ID of the article / page // (value defined by yourself to manage the link yourself)

    url: custom editor URL // Here you can define a specific URL yourself, including URL parameters.

    Then, if we don't see any of these parameters in the tag, we retrieve the URL present in the browser ourselves by cleaning up the parameters passed in the URL :

    URL of the current page with the JS TAG (captures the entire URL in the browser, can be modified later in the GC admin, PAGES tab)

    To migrate your comments to a new page, you can force the assignment of comments from one page to another by adding the variable 'url' with the url of the desired page only in the tag of this page.

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