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how do I integerate with blogger comments?

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    I have Graphcomment implemented on a blogger site. How I can sync the comments with Graphcomment so that when a comment is made with graph comment, it is also saved as a comment on blogger?

    I will be awaiting your reply.
    Thanks in advance for your help.




    Google seems to have made this very difficult.
    The V3 of its API has removed the possibility of creating a comment.
    There is still a possibility in V2, but it seems very complicated to do, you need the XML format to import comments.

    You have to be a good developer to do this, and that’s not certain.
    Why do you need to copy comments into Blogger?
    If you want to have a backup of your comments, there is a tool in GraphComment that allows you to retrieve all your comments at any time in the admin : Settings tab > Export website data
    Perhaps we can find another solution to your need.

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