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Error: Maximum number of characters allowed reached!

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    Dear Sirs,

    I’ve had a couple of people complain that they cannot submit their comments due to the following error message, “Error: Maximum number of characters allowed reached!” — both have stated that their answers are seemingly shorter than some of the other comments they’ve seen submitted.

    We’ve been working with GraphComment for a couple of months now, and this has happened twice in the last week. I need this figured out fairly quickly as we’re in the middle of a major online conversation.

    Any ideas as to what is happening?

    GraphComment Version 3.0.6
    WordPress Version 5.4.1
    Theme X Version: 7.2.3

    Thank you guys! Other than this, I love your plugin! 🙂



    Hi, it seems that error has been happening for those on Windows 10 while using Chrome.




    Sorry for the late reply.
    We’ve done a first fix to improve the situation. Very soon we will make it perfect.
    The problem is when you PASTE content from a software like MS WORD, it contains a lot of HTML attributes.
    We are doing a cleaning now.
    If you want to be sure to succeed to PASTE, you need to paste it first into a simple text editor before copying and pasting it again into your comment.
    Best regards,



    Ok thank you for the information! So we should be expecting an update soon then?

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