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Can registered user be automatically added to GraphComment

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    We’re currently evaluating your comments plugin/service. We like all the features so far but we have a (big) question…

    Our website is a members-only site. As such, only registered members will be able to post comments.

    We want to know if:

    1) ALL existing (or new) members to our website have to go the extra step of signing up on GraphComment BEFORE being able to comment on our website.

    2) If #1 is TRUE, then is there a way to bypass this within your Paid/Premium plans..?

    I want to be clear… we’re OK with having our users have an account within your GraphComment system. But, we do NOT want to require our members to register for our service and then “register again” to post comments…

    Thanks in advance for your time and response…




    The solution to your problem is the Single Sign On feature (SSO).
    You control all the sign in / sign up step, then you decide and control everything.
    You users have only to sign one time with your website, then, they will be automatically able to comment.
    If you’re using a WordPress CMS, we will launch very soon a new version of our plugin that is automatically SSO enabled.
    Let me know,
    Best regards

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